Membership FAQ

Who can become a member and how?

Membership in the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society is earned. Admission is by invitation and requires nomination and approval by the National Office.

What are the steps for prospective applicants?

Step 1 - Approach a current Society member and request for a nomination (sample nomination letters can be modified to suit the nominee's circumstance).

Step 2 - Send your updated CV, nomination letter and letter of intent (sample letter) to with the Subject: Membership Application

Step 3 - Wait for instruction from the secretariat.

I meet the criteria for membership but have not received an invitation. Who do I contact?

You may contact the National Office at and

How much does it cost to be a member?

As a new Beta Nu Delta member, the candidates will pay certain national (and chapter fees). The national portion, Php 500, pays for your membership certificate and another Php 500 for the national dues. Chapter fees, which vary, cover the costs of the banquet or reception and local dues.

The annual membership renewal fee is Php 500 (Php 1000 for members from abroad) and is required by you to be an active member and receive the full benefits for one year.

What are the benefits of membership?

As a leading nursing organization, Beta Nu Delta members enjoy:

  • Recognition

  • Professional networking (with other Filipino experts across the globe)

  • Invitation to be part of the Experts' Bureau (as speaker, reviewer, consultant, advisor)

  • Discounts (CPD and other affiliated merchandise)

  • Endorsement and referrals

I could not attend the initiation ceremony. Therefore, I did not get my certificate. Who do I contact?

Please contact the National Office at and