Voices of Grit: Experience of Nurses Working Long-Term in Philippine Hospitals

Voices of Grit: Experience of Nurses Working Long-Term in Philippine Hospitals
Richard Allan R. Soliven, Ph.D


The intention of this study was to explore nurses’ stories and the stories of grit among eleven staff nurses in the Philippine hospitals who stayed and endured in their work environment. Using narrative inquiry, their stories created a holistic illumination of the passion and perseverance experience in the context of grit. John Dewey and Parse’s Human Becoming principles were used as philosophical and theoretical lenses. The Deweyan three-dimensional space approach was used for data analysis. Four-story patterns where unfolded from the narratives and these are commitment to family, commitment to the organization, collegial cohesiveness, and challenges in the field. The analysis also revealed three temporal characteristics that exist within the patterns as human life stages of the nurse: 1) the cup half empty, 2) settling down and fitting in, and 3) metamorphosis of wisdom. These stages are time boundaries of the story life stages of grit among nurses. The Nurse Grit Model emerged from the nurses ‘narrative to visually and contextually represent a nurse way of adapting to the ultimate realities of the nurse work environment through grit. The model depicts a way of encompassing, withstanding, and continuously adapting to the challenges in the working environment because of the love for their family, work, and colleagues.  The model may be a basis for strategies and guides to sustain retention, to improve the healthcare system, or create a policy enhancement proposal that might specifically address the nurse shortage or if not prevent its progression to a nurse shortage crisis scenario. 


Keywords: passion and perseverance, grit among nurses, grit, and retention