BND Co-sponsors International Symposium

Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society has co-sponsored the recently concluded 3rd International Nursing Symposium held at the Philippine Consulate General last 6 July 2019 in Sydney, Australia.

Organized by the Sydney-based, Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network featured a keynote presentation by Prof. Violeta Lopez of Hubei University of Medicine (China) and National University of Singapore. She spoke about the "2020 International Year of the Nurse and Midwife: Impact on Nurses' Future Work". 

Prof. Lopez said that WHO and ICN's declaration of the year of the nurse and midwife offers a platform to recognise past and present nurse leaders globally, raise the visibility of the nursing profession in policy dialogue and invest in the development and increased capacity of the nursing workforce. 

According to her, nurses -- making up at least 20 million individuals and representing approximately half of the health workforce will turn the ambition of achieving health for all people into a reality,

Two panels had discussed on the Filipino nursing experiences and opportunities in Australia and the Philippines. The Australian panel was made up of Julius Delino (from the training and education sector), Bryan Odan (acute care setting), and Steven Gico Uy (from the aged care sector).

On the other hand, the Philippine panel which comprised of Dr. Juanito Leabres (Wesleyan University of the Philippines) and Prof. Estelita Mariano (Community Health Chief Nurse, LGU Bustos, Bulacan) delved into the current continuing professional development (CPD) requirements and the implementation of the universal health care.

The Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society regularly supports this symposium over the last three years.