Visiting Professor Project


The Visiting Professor Project pursues the goal of enhancing and strengthening the internationalization process of our scientific community by attracting new Visiting

Visiting Professor Project aims to contribute to the undergraduate/graduate program in the prospective College of Nursing as a lecturer or professor and as an external affairs consultant for the Center for Research and Development, among other things).   

Target Group

Interested nursing schools in the Philippines may send a letter of expression (LOE) to the Secretariat ( Preference is given to nursing schools which offer post graduate programs in nursing or health related programs.


As a general rule, the Visiting Professors’ period of stay may run from 3 to 120 days per year.
The Visiting Professors will be classified into three seniority levels in order to determine their remuneration:

• Full Professor
• Associate Professor
• Assistant Professor

Obligations of the Host School:

The host nursing school will:

• cover the Visiting Professor’s local travel expenses -- airfare -- from/to Manila with its own budget (international travel is not applicable), and local transportation assistance;

• provide the Visiting Professor with the necessary facilities and equipment (desk, computer, institutional email address) for the implementation of his/her activities including library privileges, and modest accommodation. 

The University Administration offers the Visiting Professor the support of its international welcome services

The Deans of the Nursing School shall submit their proposals within the following deadlines:

  • First deadline for submission: proposals must be received by 15th November.
  • Second deadline for submission: proposals must be received by 5th February.
  • Third deadline for submission: proposals must be received by 5th June.

In order to offer appropriate practical support and to ensure that the activities begin in the proposed period,, it is recommended to plan the beginning of the visit at the prospective nursing school not earlier than 3 months after the proposal submission.

Letter of Intent (LOI) shall be submitted must include the following information:

• GENERAL INFORMATION: name of the host Department, name and contact details of the coordinator at the nursing school,


 This section shall outline the strategic value of the visiting professor’s research and teaching programme for the host Department and/or for the University. The specific contribution that the visiting professor will offer during his/her visit shall also be underlined.
 With regard to the teaching activities (one or more) to be delivered by the visiting professor, it is necessary to provide a declaration signed by the Dean of the College of Nursing who certifies the relevance of the visiting professor’s teaching programme.
 With regard to the research activities to be conducted by the visiting professor, it is necessary to outline the rationale for why the candidate’s research programme is relevant to the School and/or the University.  


Interested party may contact the Secretariat (