Validation of an Assessment Tool for Elderly Abused

Validation of an Assessment Tool for Elderly Abused
Joel Rey Ugsang Acob, Ph.D


Globally, several screening tools were developed to document elderly abuse, its extent, and type however rarely been validated for wider use. The multiplicity of these instruments suggested that a simple, valid and reliable assessment tool should be available that can be adapted across geographical and cultural settings, hence the aim of this work. Through descriptive confirmatory methodological process design of validation, the tool underwent both content validity by five experts and reliability processes to 220 elderly respondents. All statistical treatment is carried out utilizing SPSS software version 23. Based from the findings, experts revealed that statements in the tool are declared clearly, words are understandable, precise, relevant, and comprehensive. The tool has content validity and reliability scores of (S-CVI= 0.87), Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of 0.974, respectively. Furthermore, the validated tool identified two constructs namely physico-sexual and psycho-financial factors. The extent and type of abuse experienced by the elderly is further interpreted through the scoring scheme appropriated every after the conduct of assessment. It is concluded that the developed elderly abuse assessment tool is valid and reliable. The operationalization of the validated tool is recommended especially in health care facilities and community setting. Nurses and other health related workers are also encouraged to utilize the tool as expression of their unending caring. 


Keywords: elderly, elderly abuse assessment tool, caring, tool validation, reliability, nursing