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Visiting Nursing Professor


The Visiting Nursing Professorship is established on April 2018 with the objective of strengthening nursing academic and research capacity in the Philippines. The program will be used to support an accomplished academic leader whose teaching and research has had a significant impact on nursing. 

Our list of professors includes an outstanding record in either or a combination of academic, practice and research in nursing.

Typical profile of a visiting professor: doctorally-prepared; publications records, and strong leadership skills.

Possible activities of a visiting professor at a host institution include the following: presenting a lecture, facilitating a workshop, conducting a research, mentoring, among others. Visiting professors may be engaging for at least, 4 days to a maximum of 12 months with a host institution.  


1. A host institution (nursing school or college) may send an expression of interest to the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society to host a visiting professor. This communication shall be addressed to the program chair at the following email addresses: and Subject: Visiting Nursing Professor

2. The program chair may send a program pack (invitation letter, schedule of activities, among others)

3. The program chair may allocate a visiting professor.

4. Upon endorsement from the program chair, the host institution may directly coordinate with the visiting professor for detailed requirements.

Host Institution's Responsibilities

  • Provide courtesies  (host ID card, library privileges, dedicated email address (, access to study and research facilities, access to computing facilities or services)
  • Provide modest accommodation and local transportation
  • Provide refreshment
  • Provide per diem (based on host applicable remuneration policy)

Host Institution's Benefits

  • Enhances the quality of its research and education
  • Develops collaboration and linkages
  • Improves the skills and knowledge
  • Conveys to people within the school that management is willing to invest in its members/employees
  • Shows the outside world that the school values its members/employees
  • Fosters more loyal employees/members
  • Creates a more positive work environment