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International Nursing Webinar Series

This international webinar series is an opportunity for Southeast Asian nurses to build relationships and to disseminate their nursing and health-related knowledge.

The main objectives of the international webinar series are:

1. To demonstrate and advance the nursing contribution of Southeast Asian nurses.
2. To support nursing’s contribution to the region's healthcare and to encourage problem-solving approaches to health priority needs.
3. To provide opportunities for an in-depth exchange of experience and expertise within and beyond the international nursing community.

Beta Nu Delta is an event partner of the International Nursing Webinar Series.

Gian Carlo Torres, RN, Ph.D (Philippines)

Pearl Ed Cuevas, RN, Ph.D, FGNLA (Philippines)

Transaction Space and Fluid Identities: Nursing Situations and Self-hood in Hemodialysis Unit 
 Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P. Martinez, PhD, MA, RN, CAA, LMT, CSTP, FRIN (Philippines)