Theory on Attaining Self-Actualization Among Older Adults

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Theory on Attaining Self-Actualization Among Older Adults

Dr. Melinda C. Pausanos DScN,MAN,RN.RM.
University of Bohol, Tagbilaran City

Self-actualization involves an ongoing and evolving development of a person’s full potential. Thus,
moving towards healthy ageing is a continuous process to attain and maintain self – actualization.
Certain predictors were already assumed to have contributed to the elderly individuals’ attainment
of self – actualization. These include emotional intelligence, spirituality, and life satisfaction. To
validate the assumptions of the theory on Self-actualization on its influence on spirituality, life
–satisfaction and emotional intelligence on the attainment of self-actualization among older adults.
The study employed a descriptive – correlational research design employing a multi – stage
sampling technique. A total of 180 older adults, with ages 60 – 75 years old, participated in the
study. A 5 – part instrument package was utilized to describe the respondents’ demographic profile
and obtain measures for their emotional intelligence, spirituality, life satisfaction, and self –
actualization. Data gathered were analyzed using percentage for profiling the respondents; while
Pearson product moment of correlation and multiple regression analysis were used to determine
the relationship between variables. Results show that there most of the respondents are married,
reached elementary level of education, currently not working but with subsidy, and living with their
children. Furthermore Pearson r analysis indicated that the emotional intelligence [r(180)=.232,
p=.004], spirituality [r(180)=.295, p=.019], and life satisfaction [r(180)=.530, p=.000] of the older
adults correlate positively with self – actualization. The multiple regression analysis further
indicated that the three variables significantly predict self – actualization (p=.000). For older adults
to achieve self-actualization, they should possess high level of emotional intelligence, a stronger
sense of spirituality and better life satisfaction. The three predictors of the theory on Attaining Self-
actualization among Older Adults are thus validated.

Key terms: Older adult, family, life satisfaction, spirituality, emotional intelligence.