Generation of the Late Life Success Theory

posted Mar 21, 2018, 1:12 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Mar 21, 2018, 1:14 PM ]
Generation of the Late Life Success Theory

Dr. Laurence Garcia DScN,MAN,RN
Cebu Normal University

The impact of the lives of successful people is ineffaceable. Their influence is passed on from generation to generation even after their death. The way they managed to face life’s challenges serves as benchmark for people who want to approach late life the way they did. This study aims to develop a model that would guide older adults to achieving a satisfactory late life through certain accomplishments at different stages of life. A deductive approach to theory development was utilized to create a theory that would explain the occurrence of the phenomenon that was observed which is the distinct stages a person goes through prior to reaching a satisfying old age. Secondary analysis was used to analyze the data which were collected from available research studies and literatures. The generation of the theory was built on the readings and discussion about the process of growing old. Axioms were generated to be able to come up with the following propositions: People go through a process of development that highlights the different ages; success is perceived individually and is equated with development; and, interaction with individuals and the environment influence the way humans perceive the stages of life. From the propositions, it was concluded that human life is highlighted with individualized milestones considered as success achieved within specific ages, influenced by individuals and the environment, as people continuously go through the process of development

Keywords: life stages, milestones, highlights, human development, influences