About Us


Seven alumni members of the nursing department of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (then College) decided to establish a nursing organization shortly after they graduated to promote lifelong friendship.

In establishing the organization, a few things were considered: hazing must not be a part of the admission criterion; organization may be established in other schools; a potential student-alumni involvement continuum, and a Greek-letter culture.

So in 8 December 1993, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society was founded. The founding was historic as this Society was the first Greek-letter nursing organization in the Philippines. More on its historical timeline.

In 2008, Beta Nu Delta adopted its official coat of arms and color. The coat of arms bear initials ΒΝΔ in raised letters representing the three (3) cardinal virtues of knowledge, caring and excellence; Heptagon representing the seven (7) founding members; Caduceus representing the old symbolism of the nursing profession; Celtic Cross representing the Christian roots of the nursing profession and the Christian orientation of the founding members, and the CIRCLE representing the unity and perpetuity which the organization strive to hope for. The color BLUE signifies truth. The motto of the organization is "Vita Donum Dei" which means "Life is a Gift from God".

The Society's patrons are Florence Nightingale (May 12) and St. Camillus de Lellis (July 18).

Since Beta Nu Delta is not a secret organization, there are no hidden symbols and programs are open to the public.


Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society's elaborate objectives are summed up: Leadership and Excellence

To recognize achievement;  
To recognize the development of leadership qualities;  
To foster high professional standards;  
To encourage creative work;  
To encourage continuing education among members of the nursing profession;  
To have a continuous recruitment program for nursing and health professions;  
To develop a working attitude with other professional groups for the improvement and delivery of health care services;  
To constantly identify a corps of nursing leaders within the membership who will function as agents of social change on the national, regional and local level, and  
To strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.


Vision and Mission

As a leading nursing organization, Beta Nu Delta inspires and encourages its members to achieve the highest moral, cultural and intellectual level in the nursing profession.

Beta Nu Delta is a national nursing organization that enriches the lives of both its collegiate and alumni members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning, caring and service.

Core Values

Leadership, Caring, Excellence, Teamwork