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Closing Remarks

We have reached the end of the Webinar Series, and it is my task to provide a closing remarks.  It is a sad task, because
I shall be closing the door on lively debate. However, it is also a privilege to be entrusted with such an undertaking. As with all such events — and this webinar has been an outstanding example — our minds have been assailed by a information, and it will probably be a day or two before we can sift through them all consolidate our own personal perspectives. There is, indeed, a few important things to reflect upon and, if this in any way enhances our individual and collective contributions to meeting the challenges of our nursing profession, then the webinar can truly be adjudged a success. 

On behalf of the [Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society], I wanted to express my paramount gratitude to our webinar presentor [Dr. XYZ]. It was a thoroughly enlightening and informative session for the participants. We are confident that it was an optimistic experience for you as well. The information you shared with our participants was very educational.

We are also grateful to our moderator today [Prof XYZ] who ably run the event smoothly.  In the role of the moderator, you ensured that our audience were comfortable and engaged in the discussion while eliciting valuable and informative commentary.  

Finally, on behalf of the [Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society], I would like to express my appreciation to all the participants for taking time out of your busy duties to attend the webinar and to all your organizations for sending excellent participants to our webinar. Their presence has been invaluable and, without any doubt, has helped make the event a great success. 

I would like to close my remarks and wishing the future prosperity of all the participants. We look forward to seeing you again in the weeks to come, when we shall reconvene to discuss another topical theme affecting the nursing sector worldwide. Thank you for your attention.
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