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Spotlight with Emery Yumang

posted Jun 20, 2019, 3:53 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Jun 20, 2019, 4:44 PM ]

Quite a few Filipino nurses made a mark in Singapore. Lately however, we have one thing to prove. Emery Yumang shows something that anyone could make it and making it extraordinarily. She is a good role model to young aspiring Filipino nurses. We recently caught up with her.

Tell us about yourself:

I completed my nursing degree at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University in 2010 and passed my NLE on the same year. I joined Saint Elizabeth Hospital, Inc as a medical-surgical and general ICU nurse from 2010-2014 and short-listed for staff recruitment at National Cancer Centre Singapore in December 2014, where I am currently working.

During nursing academe years, I was the recipient of DDB Student Nursing Leadership award in 2009, Nominee for the NDDU Marcellin Champagnat Community service award in 2010, and the Chairperson-elect Committee on Health during the 7th National Youth Parliament by the National Youth Commission 2008-2010. I also hold membership with the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society while at the university.

In Singapore, I was among the recipients of the prestigious Nationwide Singapore Health Quality Service SILVER award in 2017, and another one as a GOLD awardee in Singapore Health Quality Service in 2019.

Now, as an Oncology staff nurse at National Cancer Centre Singapore, I’ve recently been involved in Quality Innovation projects such as the 4Dx patient satisfaction in nursing education, patient empowerment, and change in the nursing modality to improve waiting time and prevent nurses’ burnout. And my role varies from being one of the preceptors for new staff or staff from other institutions (nurses and doctors alike) for attachment in our suite, and act as a team leader in the absence of our nurse manager.

About the scholarship:

As a foreign staff nurse in Singapore, it is almost impossible to be short-listed for a study grant among all institutions. The reason being is that the study expenses for a foreigner are far more expensive (about six times) compared to a local or permanent resident. Being in a highly specialized field, our institution diligently sends three top local or PR nurses each year to pursue advance Diploma in Oncology studies. 

I was called for a panel interview by the most reputable personas in the SingHealth institution who are doctors and heads of departments. This is after the recommendation by my nurse managers and Director of Nursing, having considered my Outstanding peer and performance appraisal consecutively for the past years. 

Confirmation of the scholarship grant was made after a month by the nursing executive, and I was the only foreigner along with two Singaporeans.

I will be on a year of full-time study at Nanyang Polytechnic University beginning school year 2019-2020.