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Spotlight with Cliford Kilat: Siquijor's Emerging Nurse Leader

posted Apr 12, 2019, 5:13 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Apr 12, 2019, 5:16 PM ]
In our member spotlight series, we invited Cliford Kilat to share his insights with us.

Cliford is a College of Nursing Faculty and a Research Associate of St. Paul University Dumaguete, Dumaguete City. He is currently a recipient of the Commission on Higher Education Department K to 12 Transition Program Scholarship and a candidate for Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing at Silliman University, Dumaguete City. 

He holds membership with the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor of Society of Nursing Psi Beta Chapter, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, and International Association of Human Caring. He co-authored the Synchronicity in Human-Space-Time: A Theory of Nursing Engagement in a Global Community published at the International Journal of Human Caring.  He has presented his abstract paper during the 39th IAHC Annual Conference in Minnesota University and has participated in other international and local research forums

As the President of the Philippine Nurses Association Siquijor Chapter, he actively facilitates the concerns of the members and indulges the chapter into activities for personal and professional growth.  

How did you initially become involved with your PNA chapter, and what inspired you to grow your chapter's president?

Like many nurses, my involvement with the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) was just merely for “membership” as part of requirements and credentials. However, last March 2017, I was asked by Dr. Marylou Ong, our PNA Governor of Region VII, to facilitate a meeting in Siquijor to reactivate the chapter. In good faith, I visited and sent letters to all the Rural Health Units and the Provincial Hospital. The election of officers was immediately done during the meeting of Dr. Ong and the nurses in Siquijor, and I was chosen to be the president of the chapter. I became the chapter’s president by appointment from Dr. Ong and the acceptance of the nurses in Siquijor. I accepted the responsibility out of obedience to Dr. Ong’s vision and concern for reactivating the chapter.  As the chapter’s president, it is my personal goal to facilitate our nurses’ immediate concerns (e.g., ID membership card, updates) and help acquire the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Units through seminars and workshops. Thus, I can take advantage of my position to lessen the burden of our nurses, and strengthen the image of PNA to its members.


Both a participant and a moderator during the 2nd Sigma Asia Region Conference last August 20-21, 2018.

Being a young chapter president, did you have any prior experience that helped prepare you for this leadership position, and what have you learned during your time as chapter president that's helped you grow, personally and professionally?      

Having such a leadership position is a pleasurable and challenging one, and I never thought of becoming a leader in any prestigious organization such as PNA. Indeed, I am a novice leader of PNA. The acceptance of the nurses in the chapter and the people who give me their encouragement, affirmation, and support helped my response to the challenge. Moreover, my current educational journey as a scholar of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) provided me opportunities and experiences (e.g., exposure to experts and professional networking) that enhance my potentials in doing the things expected from me. More so, I believe that my passion and commitment in every given task enable me to take the position.

As I reflect on myself, I gain confidence in conducting seminars, and I become more resilient in every challenging situation that I encounter. Personally, the position humbles me in spite of our simple achievements of the organization with the current officers and members. With my limited capacity as an ordinary leader, I realize that active leadership with dynamic and strong support from my officers made all these little achievements.

I am working at St Paul University Dumaguete, which is an ocean apart from Siquijor Province, and I am glad to share that I have activated the chapter despite the distance. Professionally, I understand that nurses are willing to be empowered and still manage to enjoy their profession in spite of the burden related to workload, professional image, and professional value. However, I am sure that there’s more to be done and can be done. I learn that there are ways that we can help our colleagues. We need leaders who can share and relate their experiences and vision, leaders who act for the welfare of the common good, and I wish to be one. 

Receiving the Boykin and Schoenhofer Nursing as Caring Award during the 39th IAHC Annual Conference in Minnesota University last May 30-31, 2018

With the officers of PNA Siquijor Chapter after a seminar on Health for Older Adults attended by members and nurses from Negros Oriental Chapter last April 6, 2019.