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posted Oct 10, 2018, 11:22 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Oct 31, 2018, 2:15 AM ]

It is lamentable truth, hitherto, that schoolchildren from GIDAS (Geographically, Isolated and Disadvantage Areas) do not have access to quality, functional and child-friendly school-clinics, thus their health-education and other health-caring related needs are not met. This may have greatly contributed to the high mortality and morbidity rates among this age-group not only in the second district of Surigao del Sur, but also in other areas across the Philippines.

To address this problem, the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) BIBAHILITA chapter initiated a project called NARSKWELA (Nurse Advocates Reaching School-Kids Who arE Living in GIDAs). With its triadic objectives: (1) to adopt a selected school-based clinics to children from the identified GIDAs in Surigao del Sur – District II; (2) to build quality and functional school-based clinics to children in GIDAs in collaboration with stakeholders and partners; (3) to care leaving no school-children behind in accessing quality healthcare services, the project aims to create connecting strands that will addressthe child health-caring inequities in these less fortunate communities. Furthermore, not merely to build clinics, it is a sustainable key tool to model correct health-seeking behaviors to children at their formative years since health is crucial for them to achieve their academic learning goals better in the future.

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​Last August 15, 2018, the project was launched at Mabog Elementary School, Sitio Mabog, San Roque, BisligCity, Surigao del Sur. Multi-health services were provided ranging from health and dental consultations, minor surgeries, to lecture series on relevant health education for teachers and pupils, then distribution of health/hygiene kits and feeding packages to 300 pupils. The chapter hopes to replicate this throughout the GIDAS of the district before 2022.   

Contributor: Jed Patrick Monter Catalan, DScN(c), RN Founder and Convener – NARSKWELA PROJECT President – PNA BIBAHILITA. He is a member of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society.