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Emerging Nurse Leader from Mindanao

posted May 13, 2021, 11:16 PM by BND Secretariat Support


Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society strives to cultivate future nurse leaders from its ranks. Among its emerging nurse leaders is Elmer Organia, RN, PhD. 

Elmer is currently the nursing dean at Notre Dame of Tacurong College. He got a stellar record, graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing, receiving the Clinical Efficiency Award. His Master of Arts in Nursing in 2010 came with a Best in Thesis Award. He is also a candidate for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Nursing at San Pedro College, Davao City. He published an article in the International Journal on Health and Current Research entitled “A Systematic Review on the Effectiveness of Lifestyle Modifications in the Management of Hypertension.” 

He is presently the Sultan Kudarat chapter president of the Philippine Nurses Association. He is an active Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society member.

Earlier this month, we published a Q&A with Dean Elmer. That conversation has been condensed and edited for a wider audience. Read on to see what Dean Elmer has to say about his plans for the College of Nursing and other issues:

1. What’s your focus today as Dean of NDTC? 

The challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic shaped the future of education. Our school shifted to online instruction to have the continuity of learning. Initially, it was challenging, but with full support from the school administrators, students, parents, and personnel, we could sail through the rough journey with the pandemic for more than a year now.

As the Dean of Nursing, I take full responsibility to ensure a smooth transition to the new normal in education. I want to focus on the careful planning and implementation of activities relevant to the students’ learning and ensuring that the expected competencies are achieved, especially on enhancing their skills. Specifically, I would also like to respond to the concerns and challenges of the students in online learning, their mental health, mentoring, and reaching out to those students who struggle to cope. I want to establish mechanisms in the delivery of lessons based on their full capacity to provide necessary resources for the demands in online learning. 

The faculty should also be guided in exploring innovative strategies to make online learning a wonderful experience while achieving the demands of outcomes-based education. They must be carefully trained to critically prepare their lessons and institute mechanisms to implement an authentic assessment of students’ performance. I am motivated to continue the accreditation we started and move forward with confidence that our school performs better than most nursing schools in the country. I also want to introduce new approaches, develop best practices and help other schools as they continue to struggle and adjust to the effects of the pandemic

2. What is something you have accomplished in your career that you take great pride in?

I became a Head Nurse at the age of 21, Nurse Supervisor at the age of 22, Dean of Nursing at the age of 29. I was always the youngest in my time being promoted to a significant position because of hard work and dedication. I am blessed to receive great rewards and continually thankful for all the blessings I received in many ways. I also finished my Master of Arts in Nursing with Best in Thesis Award and finished my Ph.D. in Nursing with outstanding academic performance and completing my dissertation for only ten months, which others may take years.

I am always grateful for the opportunities to collaborate with other experts, organizations, and institutions. I am currently the President of the Philippine Nurses Association-Sultan Kudarat Chapter and a Research Mentor and Panelist in the graduate and undergraduate programs. I was also invited as a Resource Speaker in various research engagements. I believe that sharing my achievements and expertise to inspire others is an accomplishment that I will always take pride in.

3. Do you have specific programs at NDTC in mind that you want to add in the near future, undergrad and graduate?

I wish to strengthen our faculty qualifications and forge linkages with other institutions for the possible offering of graduate school programs like a Master’s degree in Nursing and a Ph.D. in Nursing. Plans would also include offering a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy to continue producing professionals that will significantly contribute to the country’s development,  especially during this uncertain time of the pandemic.

4. What is a challenge that you had to overcome in your career, and how did it make you a stronger person?

Our career has its seasons and cycles; there are times that we feel burdened, sometimes fulfilled, and sometimes full of opportunities and blessings. There are tough times that we sometimes think that we cannot endure anymore and consider giving up. But for me, the best thing we can do is to sustain and wait for the new seasons of blessings and celebration to come. Our careers can be boring without challenges. It is also important to experience the trials to appreciate the blessings. 

Pursuing and completing my Ph.D. in Nursing for career upgrading is one of the greatest challenges I have overcome. It was a long and difficult journey that almost every step and inch by inch progress is significant. Time, talent, and treasure are the major factors to overcome these challenges. Time refers to sleepless nights spent to comply with the requirements. Talent refers to patience, perseverance, and competence to deliver the demands of the program, and treasure refers to the financial aspect to sustain the needs of pursuing. I believe without these; it is not easy to finish the program.

 With all these challenges and demands, I have become a better and stronger person in almost all aspects. I have become more mature in handling difficult situations and stay humble despite success in my career. I am more comfortable and confident in dealing with concerns and have become more open-minded in understanding the realities of the situations despite various viewpoints. I also learned to respect others’ opinions and awaken my interest in engaging and collaborating to learn more and contribute.

For me, as we continue to grow on the ladder of success, we must identify and live the crucial values we feel necessary to grow in our chosen career. We must not give up on the core values vital for us but instead nourish them even in our simple actions and decisions. It is always important that we know how to hold our values and be sure not to give them up, especially during difficult times.