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Casida named American Academy of Nursing fellow

posted Nov 13, 2019, 1:26 PM by BND Admin

Jesus "Jessie" Casida, PhD, RN, APN-C and associate professor at John Hopkins University School of Nursing, has been selected by the American Academy of Nursing as a member of the 2019 class of Academy fellows (FAAN) at the Academy’s annual policy conference, Transforming Health, Driving Policy, in Washington, D.C. last October 2019.

Induction into the Academy is a significant milestone in a nurse leader’s career where their accomplishments are honored by those within the nursing discipline.

Jessie Casida is nationally and internationally known for his work on 
the self-management of adults living with implantable artificial organs with current emphasis on left-ventricular assist devices (LVADs). Dr. Casida is inventor of the VADCare App—in clinical trial—which is designed to help patients stay on home care regimens and better manage LVADs and their overall health condition. He recently received the Heilbrunn Nurse Scholar Award to expand his work on LVAD self-management. Dr. Casida is also 2017 recipient of the Columbia University School of Nursing Distinguished Alumni award,
recognizing his leadership and impact on nursing education and cardiac nursing practice, innovative and groundbreaking research, and outstanding stewardship for the nursing profession. He holds memberships with Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, Philippine Nurses Association of America, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, among others.

“Induction into the American Academy of Nursing is the highest honor in the profession of nursing,” said Rudolf Martinez, PhD, RN, assistant professor at San Beda University's College of Nursing and chairperson of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society “Jessie is well-respected for his excellence in teaching, clinical practice, and  impactful scholarship,,” he said.

The newest addition of fellows within this class represents 38 states and the District of Columbia as well as 17 countries. The Academy currently includes more than 2,600 nurse leaders in education, management, practice, policy and research. Each have been recognized for their extraordinary commitment to the promotion of the public’s health through evidence and innovation.

Target Zero Harm Award for May Yumang

posted Oct 3, 2019, 5:43 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Oct 3, 2019, 8:04 PM ]

"I feel honoured and humbled to receive this recognition" 

Ma. Leda Emery Zarate spoke shortly after receiving a Target Zero Harm award during the SingHealth ceremony held on 3 October 2019 at the Singapore General Hospital campus with top Singapore health officials in attendance

She was recognized for showing exemplary efforts to raise patient safety standards and prevent unsafe practices within the SingHealth group.

Last month, Yumang received a scholarship from SingHealth and the Ministry of Health to undertake a full-time Advanced Diploma in Oncology Nursing at Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore.

Yumang hopes that this award sends a "powerful message to other nurses to serve beyond the healthcare setting". 

She hopes that with this award, she can inspire her colleagues "to aspire more".

A graduate of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, Yumang is an active student leader during her university days. She participated in the National Youth Parliament -- a biennial congress of youth leaders representing a cross-section of the Filipino youth population and is convened by the National Youth Commission. In 2009, she received the 3rd Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo Student Nursing Leadership Awards given by the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society. 

Target Zero Harm is a goal in all SingHealth institutions. It is a goal that ensures its patients receive the care they deserve – safer care.

SingHealth is Singapore's largest group of healthcare institutions. The group was formed in 2000 and consists of four public hospitals, five national specialty centres and a network of eight polyclinics. It includes Singapore's oldest and largest hospital, Singapore General Hospital, as well as several of Singapore's largest specialty centres.


National Nursing Research Webinar

posted Sep 11, 2019, 9:25 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Oct 3, 2019, 10:46 PM ]

Nursing research is critical to the nursing profession and is necessary for continuing advancements that promote optimal nursing care. Thus, as part of addressing its mission, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society is organising a National Nursing Research Webinar

This webinar provides an opportunity for Filipino nurses to build relationships and to disseminate their nursing and health-related knowledge. This event is slated on 23 November 2019 at 9 AM.

The theme for this inaugural webinar is “Advancing Nursing Research in the Philippines”.  The learner outcomes for the webinar are:

  • Exchange novel scientific ideas to support the generation of nursing research 
  • Describe how nursing research can influence the overall health of the country
  • Discuss innovative strategies for nursing research in the country.
Brian Vasquez, RN, PhD, an assistant professor of Majmaah University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will keynote this webinar. Prof. Vasquez is currently the research director of Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society.


  • Voices of Grit: Experience of Nurses Working Long-Term in Philippine Hospitals (Richard Allan R. Soliven, RN, PhD - Central Mindanao University)

  • Validation of an Assessment Tool for Elderly Abused (Joel Acob, RN, PhD - Visayas State University)
The live webinar will be recorded, and as long as you register, you will automatically receive a link to the webinar recording when it becomes available. Those who attend live will have the opportunity to submit questions to the speakers.

To join in the webinar, go to the following link  

3rd MINS at Sulu State College

posted Aug 14, 2019, 4:06 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Aug 14, 2019, 8:18 PM ]

Sulu State College through its School of Nursing, in collaboration with Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society and ADPCN BARMM, hosted the 3rd Mindanao International Nursing Seminar last 12-13 August 2019 at the College's multi-purpose gymnasium in Jolo, Sulu. 

This seminar has taken place in response to the urgent need for evidence-based research both on nursing practice and education.

Resource speaker for this event is Rizal Angelo N. Grande, RN, Ed.D. He is an assistant professor at the College of Nursing, University of Hail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Concurrently, he is the coordinator of the College's department of mental health nursing as well as the head, post-graduate studies under the vice-deanship for post-graduate studies and scientific research.


Dr Grande is a seasoned nurse educator with teaching stints in various universities in the Philippines before moving to Saudi Arabia three years ago. A member of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, Dr Grande is actively involved in the international organisation for nurse educators and practitioners.

 "The Sulu State College- School of Nursing, is privileged for the opportunity given to us to organize the 3rd Mindanao International Nursing", said Asst. Prof. Alijandrina Tab-Jalilul, MAN, Dean of the School of Nursing. She further said to be looking forward to another collaborative activities shortly. 


Dr. Grande enjoying refreshment with the host institution led by Dr. Charisma Ututalum, President of the Sulu State College.

"We would like to thank our college president Dr. Charisma Ututalum and Dr. Fatima Abubakar, ADPCN BARMM President for their support", Dean Jalilul further said.

Likewise, a workshop on making capsule studies and publication was facilitated by Dr Grande for the professional nurses.

Previous keynote speakers of this symposium include Prof. Violeta Lopez, RN, PhD, FACN of the National University of Singapore (2012) which as held at the Brokenshire College. The second edition was held last year at the Central Mindanao University with Johnrich Randall Levine, DNP, MSN, MHA, MPA, RN from MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston as the resource speaker.

"We are excited to further collaborate with Sulu State College and other nursing stakeholders in Mindanao in the coming months", said Jerome Babate, president of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society. "We started with book donation through the efforts of our colleagues from Australian Catholic University last year. This year, we sort of level it up to an international nursing seminar which probably be the first to happen in that area. The future is ripe for more", he further said.

BND Co-sponsors International Symposium

posted Jul 10, 2019, 3:00 AM by BND Admin   [ updated Jul 10, 2019, 5:24 AM ]

Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society has co-sponsored the recently concluded 3rd International Nursing Symposium held at the Philippine Consulate General last 6 July 2019 in Sydney, Australia.

Organized by the Sydney-based, Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network, the symposium featured a keynote presentation by Prof. Violeta Lopez of Hubei University of Medicine (China) and National University of Singapore. She spoke about the "2020 International Year of the Nurse and Midwife: Impact on Nurses' Future Work". 

Prof. Lopez said that WHO and ICN's declaration of the year of the nurse and midwife offers a platform to recognise past and present nurse leaders globally, raise the visibility of the nursing profession in policy dialogue and invest in the development and increased capacity of the nursing workforce. 

According to her, nurses -- making up at least 20 million individuals and representing approximately half of the health workforce will turn the ambition of achieving health for all people into a reality.

More importantly, two panels of nurses discussed the Filipino nursing experiences and opportunities in Australia and the Philippines. The Australian panel was made up of Julius Delino (from the training and education sector), Bryan Odan (acute care setting), and Steven Gico Uy (from the aged care sector).

On the other hand, the Philippine panel which comprised of Dr. Juanito Leabres (Wesleyan University of the Philippines) and Prof. Estelita Mariano (Community Health Chief Nurse, LGU Bustos, Bulacan) delved into the current continuing professional development (CPD) requirements and the implementation of the universal health care.

In the same event, Annalyn Violata of SBS Australia was recognized as the Friend of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society for her regular coverage of the Filipino nurses in Australia.

The Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society regularly supports this symposium over the last three years.

Spotlight with Emery Yumang

posted Jun 20, 2019, 3:53 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Jun 20, 2019, 4:44 PM ]

Quite a few Filipino nurses made a mark in Singapore. Lately however, we have one thing to prove. Emery Yumang shows something that anyone could make it and making it extraordinarily. She is a good role model to young aspiring Filipino nurses. We recently caught up with her.

Tell us about yourself:

I completed my nursing degree at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University in 2010 and passed my NLE on the same year. I joined Saint Elizabeth Hospital, Inc as a medical-surgical and general ICU nurse from 2010-2014 and short-listed for staff recruitment at National Cancer Centre Singapore in December 2014, where I am currently working.

During nursing academe years, I was the recipient of DDB Student Nursing Leadership award in 2009, Nominee for the NDDU Marcellin Champagnat Community service award in 2010, and the Chairperson-elect Committee on Health during the 7th National Youth Parliament by the National Youth Commission 2008-2010. I also hold membership with the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society while at the university.

In Singapore, I was among the recipients of the prestigious Nationwide Singapore Health Quality Service SILVER award in 2017, and another one as a GOLD awardee in Singapore Health Quality Service in 2019.

Now, as an Oncology staff nurse at National Cancer Centre Singapore, I’ve recently been involved in Quality Innovation projects such as the 4Dx patient satisfaction in nursing education, patient empowerment, and change in the nursing modality to improve waiting time and prevent nurses’ burnout. And my role varies from being one of the preceptors for new staff or staff from other institutions (nurses and doctors alike) for attachment in our suite, and act as a team leader in the absence of our nurse manager.

About the scholarship:

As a foreign staff nurse in Singapore, it is almost impossible to be short-listed for a study grant among all institutions. The reason being is that the study expenses for a foreigner are far more expensive (about six times) compared to a local or permanent resident. Being in a highly specialized field, our institution diligently sends three top local or PR nurses each year to pursue advance Diploma in Oncology studies. 

I was called for a panel interview by the most reputable personas in the SingHealth institution who are doctors and heads of departments. This is after the recommendation by my nurse managers and Director of Nursing, having considered my Outstanding peer and performance appraisal consecutively for the past years. 

Confirmation of the scholarship grant was made after a month by the nursing executive, and I was the only foreigner along with two Singaporeans.

I will be on a year of full-time study at Nanyang Polytechnic University beginning school year 2019-2020. 

Spotlight with Joel Rey Acob

posted Jun 12, 2019, 5:29 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Jun 19, 2019, 6:00 PM ]

Joel Rey Acob obtained his doctorate in nursing at St Paul University Philippines in Tuguegarao. His passion for teaching prepared him to academic works since 2011 after more than a year of hospital experience. 

His heart for people-focused development paved the way to engage in research works such as elderly care, nurse managers’Beta Nu Delta Joel Rey Acob role, and even disaster nursing, to name a few. Currently, he is into a capacity program designed to assist and motivates professionals, institutions, and agencies to involve in problem-solving activities through research works. 

This community extension program is a university-funded project until 2023. Furthermore, his CUEN Theory published in the Malaysian Journal of Nursing (MJN) has motivated him to dream bigger and do more in the name of nursing care.
On Professional Engagement

Firstly, I would like to thank those who become instrumental in the formation of my doctoral years. The project I engaged in deals with elderly care. Modesty aside, I developed the first validated instrument to determine elderly abuse cases in the country. It is with the hope that this validated instrument will be able to increase awareness on this phenomenon and to help this vulnerable population since abuse and its type are hardly recognized and documented. 

Future Plans

As to my plans, I will utilize this tool for the more extensive nursing care mission. Through this tool is the continued effort to conduct more researches, engage to more scholarly works to address the pressing needs of the time. It is through caring as my unending expression of nursing, which I earnestly believe was my calling. Hopefully, when the years to come, I will be able to come up with a book on a culturally sensitive and tailored-fit nursing approach for Filipino elderly care. 

With regards to my collaboration with Indonesian nurses, we are now starting to conceptualize partnerships, especially on the field of research and publication. I, for one, is invited almost yearly to visit Indonesia to share lectures on paper (for free). I motivate them to engage in research. I know I would aid them to be more globally competitive both in academia and in the clinical setting. As my way of expressing the ASEAN integration to instruction and research, I was able to forge scholarly works through presenting and publishing my papers to their country.

Beta Nu Delta Acob



Spotlight with Jofred Martinez: Antique's Emerging Nurse Leader

posted May 15, 2019, 9:04 PM by BND Admin

We recently caught up with this young nursing leader from Antique. Apart from his current job at the Department of Education as Nurse II, Jofred Martinez is an active member of his PNA chapter. 

Before DEPED, Jofred had a stint at St. Anthony's College (as a faculty member), the University of San Agustin ( as lecturer/reviewer) and Angel Salazar Memorial General Hospital (as an OR nurse). A proud nursing alumnus of the West Visayas State University, he obtained his MA in Nursing degree at the University of San Agustin and MA in Education at the University of Antique. He maintains membership with the Philippine Nurses Association, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, National League of Philippine government Nurses, among others.

You participated in the PNA Leadership Institute this year. Could you tell us more about this experience?

Beta Nu Delta Jofred
The PNA Nursing Leadership Institute, as one of Philippine Nurses Association, Inc. strategic initiatives under the PNA Roadmap 2030, is an advanced leadership program which is intensive and competency-based. The overarching goal of the PNLI is to strengthen the leadership capabilities of key nursing leaders in moving the governance and leadership of the Association to its preferred future. 

Handling the sessions during the PNLI were high-caliber health and nursing leaders in the country including PRC Commissioner, Dr. Jose Cueto, Jr., who gave us a stimulating discussion on "Positioning Nursing Leaders in Meeting the National and Regional Challenges of Health Care." Dr. Cora Annonuevo, a member of the PRC Board of Nursing facilitated a session on "Learning the Power of Transformational Leadership."   

UPCN Dean Shiela Bonito gave a presentation on "Leading Innovations in Attaining Health Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)" while Dr. Raymond John Naguit of the Youth for Mental Health Coalition, Inc. spoke on "Advocacy and Lobbying for Improved Health Care, Welfare and Development of Nurses and the Nursing Profession."

Also, the Department of Health's Undersecretary Roger Tong-an graced the ceremony where he shared with the group what his department is doing in improving the working conditions of nurses in the country.  

PNA National President Merle Salvani and PNLI Director Mila Delia M. Llanes facilitated the leadership institute.

Participating in the PNA Nursing Leadership Institute has equipped me with the skills in providing sustained leadership and mentorship to my fellow nurses not only in my workplace but to other nurses in my local chapter in the Province of Antique. The values I imbibed also enabled me to be a model of the desired qualities of a professional nurse and influence my fellow nurses to take a proactive role in promoting client's welfare and advocate for their rights.

It also provided me guidance and direction to develop potential nurse leaders in our locale to provide a positive image for the nursing profession. I also valued my role as an advocate of collegiality and promote mutual respect among nurses and other members of the health care team. Lastly, together with my fellow PNLI graduates, we will actively participate in the socio-economic and political arena to represent the cause of Filipino nurses and to better work standards for nurses and overall improve the quality of care we render our clients.

Drawing on all your experience, what advice do you have for nurses who aspire to work in a chapter leadership role?   
Beta Nu Delta Silvani and Marylou OngFor the past eight years, I have served the Philippine Nurses Association, Inc. – Antique in various positions and currently is serving as the Chapters' Vice-President for Programs and Development. Serving PNA and our fellow nurses require commitment and dedication on your part as a leader since officers do not receive remunerations for the services rendered. My passion for serving PNA is driven by my commitment and dedication to better the working conditions and improve the professional image of nurses in our locale.  

Spotlight with Cliford Kilat: Siquijor's Emerging Nurse Leader

posted Apr 12, 2019, 5:13 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Apr 12, 2019, 5:16 PM ]

In our member spotlight series, we invited Cliford Kilat to share his insights with us.

Cliford is a College of Nursing Faculty and a Research Associate of St. Paul University Dumaguete, Dumaguete City. He is currently a recipient of the Commission on Higher Education Department K to 12 Transition Program Scholarship and a candidate for Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing at Silliman University, Dumaguete City. 

He holds membership with the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor of Society of Nursing Psi Beta Chapter, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, and International Association of Human Caring. He co-authored the Synchronicity in Human-Space-Time: A Theory of Nursing Engagement in a Global Community published at the International Journal of Human Caring.  He has presented his abstract paper during the 39th IAHC Annual Conference in Minnesota University and has participated in other international and local research forums

As the President of the Philippine Nurses Association Siquijor Chapter, he actively facilitates the concerns of the members and indulges the chapter into activities for personal and professional growth.  

How did you initially become involved with your PNA chapter, and what inspired you to grow your chapter's president?

Like many nurses, my involvement with the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) was just merely for “membership” as part of requirements and credentials. However, last March 2017, I was asked by Dr. Marylou Ong, our PNA Governor of Region VII, to facilitate a meeting in Siquijor to reactivate the chapter. In good faith, I visited and sent letters to all the Rural Health Units and the Provincial Hospital. The election of officers was immediately done during the meeting of Dr. Ong and the nurses in Siquijor, and I was chosen to be the president of the chapter. I became the chapter’s president by appointment from Dr. Ong and the acceptance of the nurses in Siquijor. I accepted the responsibility out of obedience to Dr. Ong’s vision and concern for reactivating the chapter.  As the chapter’s president, it is my personal goal to facilitate our nurses’ immediate concerns (e.g., ID membership card, updates) and help acquire the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Units through seminars and workshops. Thus, I can take advantage of my position to lessen the burden of our nurses, and strengthen the image of PNA to its members.


Both a participant and a moderator during the 2nd Sigma Asia Region Conference last August 20-21, 2018.

Being a young chapter president, did you have any prior experience that helped prepare you for this leadership position, and what have you learned during your time as chapter president that's helped you grow, personally and professionally?      

Having such a leadership position is a pleasurable and challenging one, and I never thought of becoming a leader in any prestigious organization such as PNA. Indeed, I am a novice leader of PNA. The acceptance of the nurses in the chapter and the people who give me their encouragement, affirmation, and support helped my response to the challenge. Moreover, my current educational journey as a scholar of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) provided me opportunities and experiences (e.g., exposure to experts and professional networking) that enhance my potentials in doing the things expected from me. More so, I believe that my passion and commitment in every given task enable me to take the position.

As I reflect on myself, I gain confidence in conducting seminars, and I become more resilient in every challenging situation that I encounter. Personally, the position humbles me in spite of our simple achievements of the organization with the current officers and members. With my limited capacity as an ordinary leader, I realize that active leadership with dynamic and strong support from my officers made all these little achievements.

I am working at St Paul University Dumaguete, which is an ocean apart from Siquijor Province, and I am glad to share that I have activated the chapter despite the distance. Professionally, I understand that nurses are willing to be empowered and still manage to enjoy their profession in spite of the burden related to workload, professional image, and professional value. However, I am sure that there’s more to be done and can be done. I learn that there are ways that we can help our colleagues. We need leaders who can share and relate their experiences and vision, leaders who act for the welfare of the common good, and I wish to be one. 

Receiving the Boykin and Schoenhofer Nursing as Caring Award during the 39th IAHC Annual Conference in Minnesota University last May 30-31, 2018

With the officers of PNA Siquijor Chapter after a seminar on Health for Older Adults attended by members and nurses from Negros Oriental Chapter last April 6, 2019.

Ray-an Talatala Grabbed 3-Minute Pitch

posted Mar 26, 2019, 9:19 PM by BND Admin   [ updated Mar 26, 2019, 9:34 PM ]

Ray-an B. Talatala won 1st place in the recently concluded 3-Minute Pitch to Policymakers Competition. This event was a parallel session of the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOST-PCHRD) 37th anniversary held on 15 March 2019 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City.

Ray-an presented his completed research in a three-minute, one-slide presentation to a non-specialist audience based on set criteria. 

His research entitled, “C.H.E.C.K. Before You Burn: A Continuing Quality Improvement (CQI) Study on the Prevention of Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) Burns in the Operating Room (OR),” is about the importance of the safe use of electrosurgical units to prevent unintentional burns in the OR using CHECK, the protocol he developed in the study.

As part of his winning pitch, Ray-an who is currently a supervising nurse at Northern Mindanao Medical Center said "Nurses, being the heart and forefront of patient safety, have a proactive role in ensuring safe and quality patient care. Join me in my crusade in promoting burn awareness and raising the flag of patient safety. Say No to Burns. Be Burn Aware". Besting 11 other contestants, he brought along a certificate and a huge cash prize.

Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society is proud of its latest member's achievement.

Photo courtesy: Region 10, NorMinCoHRD

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