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Continuing Education Agreement

Continuing Education: Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society (Company) encourages all employees to continue their industry education. Classes taken for the purpose of expanding industry knowledge are helpful to both you and the Company. The following guidelines will be in place to assist in your understanding of our continued education process.

1. Courses must directly complement the job assignment of the employee. The

employee’s supervisor must provide pre-approval of the class.

2. Courses shall not conflict with the assigned duties of the employee.

3. Employee must complete provided class feedback/evaluation form following


4. If employee terminates employment within one year of taking course, the

employee will be responsible for reimbursement to the company for course costs.

If company makes an involuntary layoff of employee, the course costs will not be

deducted from the employee. If employee causes involuntary termination, the

costs of course will be deducted from employee payroll.

5. If course or professional designation requires the employee to maintain continuing

education to keep or retain designation, the employee will be required to complete

the continuing education requirements before the expiration period, subject to the

same cost restraints stated above. Furthermore, the employee’s supervisor will

dictate which continuing education classes the employee will be required to take.

________________________________ ___________________

Employee Name (Please Print) Date

________________________________ ______________________________

Employee Signature Supervisor Signature

Note: Employee must sign and then submit this form to their supervisor for review and

signature. Supervisor will then forward signed original to Jerome to retain in the

employee’s permanent personnel file.