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You can reach us:

Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society

PO Box 807

Cebu Central Post Office

6000 Cebu City, Philippines

Phone: (+63) 933 394 7856

National Office  

Joseph Andrew Pepito, RN, MAN - Senior Executive Officer (

Raymund Ang, RN, MAN - CPD Officer (

April Solitrino, RN - Mindanao Project Officer (

Dennis Amando, RN, MAN - Director for Education (

Rudolf Martinez, RN, Ph.D - Director for Research (

Jerome Babate, RN, MBA, DMc, CTC - President (


It is most important that members have the opportunity to let us know what they want to know about our programs and services. 

Your phone calls and comments are always welcome. Member opinions, both negative and positive, are encouraged by us because they help us to constantly review, assess and improve our services and programs.

Cebu City