Say Thanks to a Nurse

Nurses Week 2019

Between May 6 and 12 of each year, we celebrate the Nurses Week across the globe. This period is a time to honor the more than 25 million nurses including close to 1 million Filipino nurses who make a difference in the lives of people every day. This is a special week that we must actively celebrate the extraordinary people that devote their lives to the health of others.  

We wish we could personally thank every nurse who has gone out of her/his way for patients and their families, or taken that extra few minutes to offer comfort and support. 

That would be quite a task, though, since all nurses do those things on a daily basis—often without even realizing it. That's the nature of nursing. That's the DNA of nursing! 

In appreciating my nursing colleagues. It would be appropriate to quote, Thomas Jenkins. Jr: “Because of their patience and courageous leadership, the relationships they build and the support they deliver, the lives of vulnerable families are set upon a new trajectory of strength, self-sufficiency, and hope for a brighter future." 

Happy Nurses’ Week. We are constantly in awe of your good care! Join us in the celebration of who you are and what you do each and every day.