Phenomenology as a Research Method for Health Professionals

A 1-day national seminar workshop on Phenomenology as a Research Method for Health Professionals will be held on Monday, 12 November 2017. Interested parties are advised to register at the following link.

The seminar workshop will be conducted by Rudolf Martinez, RN. Ph.D, the first nurse-anthropologist to use phenomenology as method of research and its implications. He is currently a faculty member of the graduate schools of San Beda College and Arellano University. Participants will learn about phenomenology as an alternative option of conducting research, and its highly transformative process for the researcher and its subjects, from the unique pedagogical approach that highlights their lived experiences.

This seminar-workshop  is offered to graduate and post graduate nursing students and faculty, deans and research directors in other schools, colleges and universities in the country.

Registration fee is P500.00 covering seminar fees, snacks and readings.