12 May - International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day is an International Council of Nurses (ICN)-initiative to raise awareness of the importance of nurses to both the public and to the health care industry. It is a day to celebrate and recognize the contributions of nurses around the world.

The aim of International Nurses Day is:

  • To educate the public about this vital member of the health team
  • To reinforce the value and professionalism of nurses to the public
  • To provide an opportunity for nurses to acknowledge one another for excellent performance in their work.

How can you celebrate International Nurses Day?

  • Decorate your practice with the posters and banner to bring it to the attention of the public
  • Use International Nurses Day as an opportunity to showcase your facilities and services by holding an open day or hospital tours in which nurses are featured
  • Individual nurses could go into the community, schools, nursing homes, etc and talk about their work
  • Nurses could receive accolades from their employers with a celebration, reward or specific acknowledgement to clients
  • Nurses run specific displays or seminars in-practice to highlight the many roles they perform.
  • Utilise provided press release & contact local media (eg radio & newspapers) to highlight the role of  nurses to the public