Summer 2017 Sees the 2nd National Research Workshop in Cebu

"Continue to embark on building a corps of researchers in Visayas and Mindanao who will promote and advance qualitative research"

On the joint collaboration between the University of the Visayas and the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society is the desire to enhance their respective research capabilities. An important strategy is to enhance the researchers' keen understanding on various facets of research through the organizing of the National Research Workshops. Launched in General Santos City on 2013, this year will continue to embark on building a corps of researchers in Visayas and Mindanao who will promote and advance qualitative research.

For this edition, we will introduce the participants to phenomenology as an approach to qualitative research. We will explore recent development within hermeneutic phenomenological methodology by introducing the participants to classical phenomenological texts as well as to participants’ texts and preliminary writing exercises.

The main aim is to give the opportunity to discover and develop meaning by experiencing and interpreting the 'world' and the human relation to the world complex. This, in order to get closer to an understanding of what is the meaning and significance of lived experience and lived meaning.

It will be taught as workshop/dialogic lecture as these are the methods that seem to promote learning to practice phenomenology. Much of the material here is based directly on the work and writings of Dr. Max van Manen and other experts.

We would like to invite you, and your esteemed faculty to participate in this event. Registration fee is Php 1200.00 only until March 30, 2017, Php 1600.00 after March 30, 2017 and Php 2000.00 for on-site registration (inclusive of snacks and certificate). To register, please visit the event link

The seminar workshop will be held at the College of Nursing AVR of the University of the Visayas – Banilad Campus in Banilad, Mandaue City.

If you may have any concerns, you can be reached through the mobile number: 0933 394 7856 or through the following email address or

Unfortunately, we have reached the maximum number of in person registrations.

Scholarship Programme

Through the Scholarship Programme, the organizers commit to make the event accessible to participants from resource-limited settings, and researchers in southern Philippines particularly in Mindanao.

The Scholarship Programme is open to nurse researchers with graduate qualification. The programme provides financial assistance to help people who would otherwise be unable to benefit from the event.

Priority will be given to those whose participation will help enhance their work in their own institutions, and  to those who are able to assist in the transfer of skills and knowledge acquired at the workshop. The scholarship only covers the registration fee.

Even though every attempt will be made to assist as many applicants as possible, we regret that there will be only a limited quantity of scholarships available.

Applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to seek other funding as well.

Become an Event Partner of the 2nd National Research Workshop

Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society is encouraging organisations to build on the success of the 1st National Research Workshop by becoming an Event Partner at this year’s event and capitalizing on the opportunity to be associated with Beta Nu Delta in this most exciting year.

Package options are indicative only and our conference team will work with you to put together an Event Partnership package that meets your requirements.

We ask you to please consider taking this opportunity to put your organization's “front and center” at Beta Nu Delta's event for 2017, and we look forward to seeing you in Cebu in April.

Why become an Event Partner ?

DECISION MAKERS – liaise directly with nurse leaders
PROFILE – stand out and reinforce your position as a major player in the nursing sector
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COMMITMENT – show your stakeholders that you are a strong supporter of the sector
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MARKET POSITION – strengthen your organization’s reputation and enhance your reputation
BRAND AWARENESS – communicate value to your potential stakeholders