Books Finally Arrived!

Three boxes of assorted nursing and health books have finally arrived in Cebu after more than five months of wait.

Joseph Andrew Pepito, Executive Officer of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society received the boxes intended for Eastern Samar State University, Naval State University and Visayas State University.

The purpose of this project is to collect both new and used academic books and journals and donate them to academic institutions in Southern Philippines. We believe this is one of many meaningful ways that Filipino nursing expatriates and individuals abroad can help higher nursing education initiatives. In this instance, Dr Cindy Leigh of Australian Catholic University took the pioneering move.

Resource constraints can curtail institutions' abilities to stock libraries with books of the most recent editions. Limits in telecommunications infrastructure also mean that journals that are available online abroad are not as readily accessible to students and academics in the Philippines. Our initiative seeks to successfully address these shortfalls.

The broader objective of the program is to help strengthen research capabilities of academic institutions in the Philippines by providing up to date academic texts and journals.

We aspire to:

  • Send a greater proportion of books to institutions outside Manila since these are the institutions that have more limited funding. 
  • Collect nursing books. 
  • Collect journals: Most journals are available online, but this might not be an option for students and academics in the Philippines.
  • Perform follow-up surveys to ascertain efficacy of book drive and to assess needs of the institutions. 
  • Ensure that the Book Drive continues and is not a one-off event.