Is there time to care?: Holism of Knowing-Doing-Valuing as Systems of Caring Co-creations in Nursing

Mark Renosa, RN, DSN

The goal of my talk was to show the influences of changing trends in philosophies of caring on nursing application and theory testing and to encourage dialogue among nurses about the future direction of holistic nursing as caring. The position that I am tracked in the presentation was in the belief that one of the duties involved in the domains of the human caring is to hold life charitably on knowing, doing and valuing the one being nursed.

I also presented my germinal theory in nursing as caring:

The Knowing-Doing-Valuing as Systems of Caring Co-creations in Nursing (This paper will be-out early quarter next year in the International Journal of Human Caring)

As nurses strive to attain the fullest meanings on their experience, one may achieve the knowing domain which explicates the deepest understanding on their purpose within the context of holistic caring. This encompasses the process of shedding light on the unrecognized and maintaining once integrity translated to appreciation of the nursing profession. By taking of guard on the meanings perceived, nurses brought together the doing domain on the field innovating ways to better render care even if one may face hurdles along the way. Processes were then carefully framed and re-empowered by essentially bringing together the fundamental precepts in the caring process. As their experiences progresses, nurses take on a deeper domain which is valuing. Nurses journeyed with the human subjects through the gift of humanity. Values were raised on a personal degree within the strands of professional precept.  
With the triphasic concepts of knowing-doing-valuing, system of co-creations were guardedly established. The building of co-creation rudiments focuses on enhancing authentic human health experience by involving the patients in establishment of value and meaning. On this premise, the patients become an active partner for the co-creation of future value, rather than just a passive recipient of care. These connecting puzzles implicates that integration of meanings, innovations and processes, and values through the process of co-creations of experiences of the nurse and the one being nursed will achieve ethical caring, on its end, in an authentic human health experience.
While this theory of care emerges, we must understand that every individual is whole and complete in the duration of the caring experience and is unique in his perspective of health, and must be treated in accord to his “being human” to arrive at a quality of life in an authentic human health experience. This beat our purpose of creating a frame of mind of what holistic nursing really is, and what it is geared at.

*** The conference was also graced by some renowned nurses – Assoc. Prof Dr. Jennie Barr from Central Queensland University, Assoc Prof Dr. Carol Windsor of Queensland University of Technology, Dr Miho Sato and Assoc Prof Makiko Noguchi from Hokkaido University. The conference was held in Hotel Grasia, Semarang on August 20-21, 2015 with the theme “HARMONY OF CARING AND HEALING INQUIRY FOR HOLISTIC NURSING PRACTICE; ENHANCING QUALITY OF CARE”.