Reception at WHOCC UTS

The Society president attended a reception on Wednesday 18 June to celebrate the work of the WHO Collaborating Center at UTS, the retirement of a regionally important health professional and welcome 13 Pacific island nurse/midwife colleagues.

There was a photo exhibition of 56 photos which was displayed showing the many projects and collaborations the WHO CC UTS in the region and other parts of the globe.

Professor John Daly, Head of the WHO CC UTS and Dean of the Faculty of Health, and Michele Rumsey, Director of Operations and Development WHO CC UTS, welcomed 13 Fellows visiting UTS from Pacific Island Countries. The Fellows are participants of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)-funded Australia Awards Fellowships (AAF) program that has been developed in collaboration with the South Pacific Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officers Alliance. This very successful program has seen 94 participants since 2009, several of which have gone on to become Chief Nurses in their own country.

The evening concluded with a send-off for Professor Pelenatete Stowers, retired Chief Nurse/Midwife of Samoa, and speeches by Dr Rosemary Bryant, Chief Nurse of Australia; Adjunct Professor Debra Thoms, CEO of Australian College of Nursing; Professor Caroline Homer, Associate Head WHO CC UTS; and Anna Sinapati, an AAF fellow from Tokelau.  

These leaders in nursing and midwifery expressed gratitude for the enormous amount of work and inspiration provided by Professor Stowers. A final farewell song was performed by the 13 visiting Pacific Island colleagues to conclude the evening.

Photo: Dr Rosemary Bryant, immediate past president of the International Council of Nurses during the AusAID Australia Awards Fellowship 2014 Reception at UTS WHO Collaborating Center
Dr Rosemary Bryant (immediate past president of the International Council of Nurses) with BND President Jerome Babate during a dinner presentation at the University of Technology Sydney