Forensic Nursing Seminar in Manila

Florence Nightingale Institute Asia has organized the international nursing seminar on forensic nursing at Dr. Fe Del Mundo Training Center in Quezon City last July 22, 2014 with no less than one of the global leading forensic nursing experts serving as resource speaker.

The resource speaker, Rose Constantino, RN, Ph.D, JD, FAAN FACFE is an associate professor of the College of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh was on hand to inspire budding Filipino nurses to become advocates of forensic nursing.

Many countries across the globe are experiencing high rates of violence and abuse. The Philippines is no exception and therefore, Dr. Constantino's visit created an awareness on the development of this specialist field. In her speech, she said "Victims of violence and abuse require care from a health professional who is trained to treat the trauma associated with the wrong that has been done to them—be it sexual assault, intimate partner violence, neglect, or other forms of intentional injury".

Forensic nurses are also a critical resource for anti-violence efforts. They collect evidence and give testimony that can be used in a court of law to apprehend or prosecute perpetrators who commit violent and abusive acts.

Dennis Amando (Director, Florence Nightingale Institute Asia) and Dr Rose Constantino (Forensic Nursing Expert)