Changing Frame of Mind: Professional Growth in the Land of Smiles

I always dream of something that would change the world into becoming less difficult one. I am always an advocate of small changes that would cater the best of boundless possibilities in order to safeguard health conditions of the populace, most especially the poor ones. I am really privilege to have the capacity to study and, I believe this is one clarion call to share what I have and learned as a professional nurse and educator. 

Façade of Naresuan University

The call for this practicum opportunity made me realize my worth as a professional to build an institution within ourselves, linking our efforts, leveraging our resources and making our collective genius equal to the task. The world should embrace the idea of collective social responsibility for the provision of health care in order to grasp wide range of possibilities and stewardship. I remember my mentor way back my college years, once said: “For what use is it to be knowledgeable and competent, if we are not able to commit for a cause, to the values and ideals we live in, if we are self-centered and not be able nor willing to care and share with others, or respect and accept differences? Sometimes, we people have fed with so much knowledge and information, to the extent of overloading our minds with more and more data than we could understand, interpret or much more be thankful for. Hence, losing our sense of appreciation and gratitude; rather, we gained sense of pessimism and discontentment.” Hence, Changes, Respect and Glory for the country – highlights my Doctor of Nursing Science practicum experience

Naresuan University President, Dean Poonsook and Adjarn Ampha

Naresuan University catered for all the needs of the staff and students that made the approach more conducive for learning and exchange. Respect and Cultural Preservation were one of the major thrusts embedded on their system which exemplify excellence. Naresuan University was acclaimed for their institutionalized growth development centres for staffs’ children. I find it very helpful to the parents who are having difficulty caring for their children. Naresuan University find ways to better satisfy not just the staff but focuses on the development of a family.

Naresuan University Growth Development Centre

“If you will start leading on a new environment, do not touch people. Touch the structure first.” – a statement that launch a thousand ships for the true epitome of Florence Nigthingale, the foundation of Naresuan University faculty of nursing – Dean Poonsook Hingkanont. It was such a wonderful experience talking with her since she unnwaveringly shared her knowledge on leadership and management.  She focused on nurses’ hearts and hands, that we still rely on the science of caring and the art of nursing. With these principles, our work will never be backbreaking and tangibly thankless instead a profession that will enhance both our hearts and hands on knowing and caring our patients.
The Thai journey to excellence in safe and quality nursing care were defined from novice to expert paradigm and refocused on defining and conceptualizing expertise by surfacing the potential steps in achieving competency. It is clearly articulated the necessity to immerse nurses to different nursing situations for the expression of nursing as caring and for the solitude application of the fundamental nursing rudiments of empirics, aesthetics, personal knowledge and ethics in all silhouette of nursing arena. Thus Thailand’s current participatory practices within regional and national health governance, while basically well-intentioned, advertently build on and reinforce existing social equalities. I’ve learned that these are the major factors that I may say championed their health delivery system. 

Naresuan University Hospital Nursing Staff

Yet new health system landscape requires more than this, it also demands new attitudes in appreciating and looking ways to engage in effective partnerships with both community and the world. What our vocation needs more than brilliant minds are flexible individuals who can bend through evolving health care standards and can blend with the various colours of people we deal with everyday. More so, professionals around the world should work hand-in-hand with other government and non-government organizations to have one common standard and provide a glued solution to the significant gaps found in health about the way training, regulatory, financial and organizational mechanisms that may critically hampers  the performance of health-care. We must be able to exemplify and formulate a group that would keep an eye on quality assurance on international health system.

Bangkok Grand Palace

With this experience, I realize that I have already reached the point where I see true beauty in nursing. Where at the end of the day, I look back with a smile on my face not thinking about the pesos I earned but about the old dying woman saying thank you for easing her pain. Because in my career, I don’t look back through the struggling years I have had but through these little priceless moments that ignites me to care more for humanity. We urge people to change for the better, but we must not put to oblivion that we should begin the change in our selves. If we can change something in ourselves, we can surely change something in others. And these I believe making my dream of a world less difficult possible.

Contributor: Mark Donald C. Reñosa, RN, MS is a doctoral nursing student of St Paul University Tuguegarao