Dr Constantino's New Forensic Nursing Book

One of our BNDees has just released her book entitled, "FORENSIC NURSING : EVIDENCE-BASED PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE". This book has 4 units and 20 chapters. The first 4 chapters are co-authored (chapters 1, 2, and 3) and authored (chapter 4) by Rose Constantino. The other 16 chapters are written by contributors from US and Canada. Every chapter includes a quotation well worth reading by itself, an evidence-based practice box, review questions, and references. Also, the DavisPlus at DavisPlus.fadavis.com provides instructors access to a study guide, PowerPoint slides, and a hundred or more multiple choice test questions.

This book explores the role of the forensic nurse in both the health care and criminal justice systems with this text written by experts in the field with contributions from well-known specialists. Inside, one will find an overview of the forensic nursing field as well as crucial coverage on specific issues of evidence collection, prison health care, human trafficking, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Step by step, one will build a solid foundation in forensic nursing practice by developing competencies in deductive analysis, critical thinking, evaluation, application, and communication.