Position Statement on Helmet Use by Motorcycle Drivers

The number of road accidents involving motorbikes continues to grow between 2005 and 2011. Metro Manila alone has an average of 120,000 accidents per year are reported, but a steadily growing number of accidents related to motorcycles have nearly doubled from 9.4 percent (11,475) in 2005 to 14.6 percent (20,518) in 2011. There are 6.6 million registered vehicles in the Philippines. With the increase in popularity of motorcycles, however, has come an increase in bicycle-related injury and death.

Studies confirmed that the use of helmets reduces the risk of mortality and severe head injury with motorcycle riders who crash, although the former effect may be modified by other crash factors such as speed.

It is on this premise that Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society endorses national and local laws mandating the use of helmets by motorcycle drivers and passengers, and and even, bicyclists.


Safety is a priority amid rash of motorcycle accidents