BND Manila and Arellano U Host EBP Seminar

BND Manila and Arellano University Graduate School of Nursing have jointly organized an EBP seminar last July 2nd at AU Conference Room.

No less than, Dr. Lorraine Evangelista was the guest speaker for the said event.

Dr. Lorraine S. Evangelista received her doctoral degree in 2000 from the UCLA School of Nursing. As an advanced practice nurse she has worked with patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders in several nursing capacities including a clinical nurse, case manager, educator and researcher.

As a post-doctoral fellow she helped coordinate the first major clinical trial in the nation examining the effectiveness of a supervised home-based training program on primary endpoints of death, urgent transplant and re-hospitalization in patients with advanced heart failure. She has also done preliminary work examining the effects of 2 dietary interventions differing in protein-to-carbohydrate ratio on body weight, body composition, cardiac structure and function, lipid profiles, functional status and quality of life in overweight and obese patients with heart failure.

Her interests in information technology, self-care behaviors, and care of vulnerable patients (i.e. elderly, minorities) with heart failure led her to a new area of research examining the effects of remote monitoring on clinical status, weight, quality of life, cognitive status (e.g. knowledge, attitude, and beliefs), emotional well-being (e.g. perceived control, anxiety, and depression), and adherence behaviors (e.g. medications, diet and physical activity) of elderly Hispanic patients with (CHF).