Call for Nominations: Philippine Nursing Research Award

The Philippine Nursing Research Award is to recognize contribution, or promotion of nursing and health care research. The Award will be bestowed on an intermittent basis at the discretion of the Beta Nu Delta National President.

1. The awardee must submit his PhD/DNS dissertation.

2. The awardee must actively participate in nursing practice, education, research, service, economics, or administration.

The awardee will receive a plaque and will be invited to attend a Society's sponsored event. Registration for the event will be complimentary. The President may request the awardee to deliver a keynote or other presentation at the event or publish their keynote/presentation in the newsletter, BND website.

Any member of the Society may nominate individuals to the National President on or before December 20 of each year. The nominator may submit a letter of recommendation.

A representative from the Society will contact the nominee/s for additional requirements and schedule of awarding.