BND Research Proposal Format

Here is the updated BND Research Proposal Format for use by our members and nursing colleagues.

Proposal Narrative

(Three to five pages, double spaced, APA format)
Complete the attached cover sheet and submit it with project proposal.

I. Purpose/goal of study: Clearly state what the study is intended to accomplish, and/or what research questions are to be answered, and/or what hypothesis(es) is (are) to be tested.

II. Significance of the study: What is the potential contribution of the study to nursing?

III. Research design and methods: Identify the research design.

IV. Subjects: Describe the target population and characteristics of the subjects. Include the number of subjects, the rationale for sample size, the sampling frame, and the sampling procedure.

V. Instruments: Report the specific characteristics of the instruments, including their psychometric properties (reliability and validity). Address how the tool will be used. Include the measure in the Appendix.

VI. Procedures: Describe clearly the procedures for data collection, including types of data expected, and study protocol if interventions are involved.

VII. Data analysis: Describe the means by which the data will be analyzed and/or interpreted.

VIII. Time frame: Provide a 12-month schedule that details the timing of the main steps of the study.

IX. Human subjects or animal use: Include a copy of the IRB approval of the data collection sites and a copy of the consent form in the Appendix.

X. References: List the references cited in the proposal using APA format.

XI. Appendices (Include only if applicable.):

Letters of support from thesis/dissertation advisor, co-investigator(s), and consultant(s)
Résumé or curriculum vitae of principal investigator
IRB approval form (if human subjects or animal use involved)
Consent form
Copy of paper/pencil instrument, interview format or other instruments, scoring instructions, and documentation of copyright permission when appropriate