Global Health Perspectives Fellowship

Purpose & Overview of the Fellowship

The Global Health Perspectives Fellowship was organized by faculty members of Nursing Departments from Missouri State University and Satakunta University of Applied Science in cooperation with Beta Nu Delta Society, Philippines to create and facilitate a discussion forum, among undergraduate nursing students from the USA (Missouri), Finland, and the Philippines, on transcultural health and nursing issues in community health. It is the goal of this program to stimulate interest and expose nursing students from three different continents on global health and transcultural nursing.
Students enrolled in the community health nursing course in Missouri State University and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, and one to three fellows (undergraduate nursing students who have completed or are concurrently enrolled in a community health nursing course) from the Philippines will be presenting about their country’s perspectives of health and wellness, health practices, and community health issues and services. To enhance learning and interaction among students and fellows, students will also be engaged in week-long discussion regarding the topic on hand.

For interested applicants from the Philippines, please contact directly for additional information to Dr. Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo via email at