BNDEE Update: Rudolf Martinez, RN, MAN

Our Society's new board of directors hails from Manila.

He is way past his 25th year and has achieved so much as a researcher.

Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P. Martinez, MAN, RP-RN, CAA, LMT, CSTP, CRN is currently working as a staff nurse at Philippine Children's Medical Center and a Complementary Nurse Therapist at Asian Social Institute.

He is doing two research projects on the "Patterns of Care Among Filipino Nurse: A Phenomenological Studies as well as Writing a Book of Phenomenological Research"

His road to nursing research leads him to phenomenological research where only too few has taken. Presently, he is a PhD student in cosmic anthropology at the Asian Social Institute.

So when asked about his views on this research approach. He said, "phenomenology for me offers a way by which we can appreciate things as they are, a way to see the beauty beyond diversity, and bring humanity back into research".

If there is a Madeline Leinenger in the Philippines, surely Rudolf could be a good descriptor of hers.

Lest, we forget Rudolf has outstanding academic credentials from high school (salutatorian), to BSN (cum laude at UST!), to MAN (Summa cum Laude at Trinity University of Asia and best thesis) and who knows, he will obtain his doctorate with highest honors.