BNDee Update: Rhea Faye Felicilda, RN, MAN, Ed.D

Nurse educators play an important role in preparing future registered nurses (RNs)to work in the healthcare field. Getting more nurses interested in working in the education field is important. We caught up our new Beta Nu Delta member from Cebu's Southwester University for an email interview.

Just turned 24 years old, Rhea Faye Felicilda, RN,MAN, Ed.D traced her journey as a nurse educator and what she likes about teaching. What is her favorite nursing topic to teach, as well as what nursing procedures she thinks are difficult to cover or for students to grasp.

Below is Dr. Felicilda's recount:

I've been a nurse educator for 4 years, mixed in both undergraduate and graduate programs. I'm a generalist nurse educator, wherein I've been able to teach all nursing subjects according to the need of the College of Nursing, but my favorite would definitely be Medical-Surgical Nursing and Legal and Professional Nursing (as it is related to my major in the MAN program and also my paralegal diploma).

Nursing procedures which are difficult to cover in my experience were those highly technological ones (tracheostomy care, wound care, IV therapy care, etc.). These nursing procedures are not taught much in the skills laboratory (due to lack of time) and you'll have to wait for an opportunity in the clinical area to teach these procedures to students. The lesser the opportunity to teach a certain procedure, the lesser possibility for students to learn.

We wish her goodluck as she will take a teaching post at the Department of Nursing, Missouri State University this September.