New REBC Fellows

The Society has sponsored the 1st Summer Research Workshop (Phenomenological Research) on 13-14 May 2011 at the Graduate School of Mindanao State University, General Santos City.

This workshop built on the need to provide capacity building for nurses in Southern Philippines. Basically, this event was a ‘how to's'--from conceptualization to conclusion--of qualitative research project. This workshop offered a clear conceptual and experiential grounding in descriptive phenomenology as epistemology and method. This workshop engaged participants in the process of conceptualizing, designing, and conducting a phenomenological human science research project. The workshop emphasized that fidelity to the phenomenological method requires that the researcher attend to the perspective of his/her discipline in conducting the project. It concluded with a discussion of the essence of phenomenology.

This new cohort of "newly minted qualitative researchers" come from the academia:

Cynthia Filipinas, RN, MAN, Ph.D (MAN Program Coordinator, Mindanao State University-Marawi City)
Nelia Beltran, MBA, Ph.D (Research Director, Green Valley College Foundation)
Virginia Buhisan, MA, Ph.D (Freelance Sociologist/Consultant)
Maela Babate, RN, MAN (Level III Coordinator, Notre Dame of Dadiangas College)
Ester Rodulfa, RN, MM (Full-time, MAN Student, University of the Philippines)
Jobert Porras, RN, MAN (Nursing Research Coordinator, Davao Doctors College)
Roselo Ocampo, RN, MAN (Nursing Research Coordinator, Province of Negros Occidental-Negros Occidental State College of Science and Technology)

Posterity Group Picture: Dr. Virginia Buhisan, Maela Babate, Ester Rodulfa, Rudolf Martinez, Jerome Babate, Dr. Domingo Non, Dr. Nelia Beltran, Dr. Cynthia Filipinas, Jobert Porras, Roselo Ocampo

The workshop is facilitated by a young, agile and culturally adept nurse who is a Ph.D student in Applied Cosmic Anthropology at the Asian Social Institute. Rudolf Cymorr Kirby Martinez, RN, MAN is a leading exponent of phenomenological research's application in nursing in the country.

In his closing ceremony, Dr. Domingo Non, the dean of the graduate school of Mindanao State University, emphasized the need to develop a niche in the research field. That the assistance of REBC Partnership Project (through a grant made by Prof. Rose Constantino, RN, Ph.D, JD, FACHE, FAAN) is a welcome development and is necessary to develop a cohort of researchers grounded on qualitative approaches.

The newly minted researchers will form part of the REBC Fellows community.