Young DDB Fellow Savored International Conference Opportunities

Young BNDee, Erwin Molinos, was at right time and a right place when he decided to participate in the 7th PNAA International Nursing Conference held recently in Cebu City.

At 23, he is one of the few young RNs who took advantage of an international event where it drew some of the best minds and hearts of the Philippine nursing, both home and abroad.

Aside from listening to the conference presentation, young Erwin had the chance to meet and took pictures with these leaders such as former International Council of Nursing (ICN) director, Dr. George Cordero, Dr. Reynaldo Rivera and Prof. Leo Jurado who are both of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, current and past members of the Philippines' Board of Nursing.

Erwin is currently an OR nurse at RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital.

He was a recipient of the 1st Annual Student Nursing Leadership Training last 2007. This was an event supported by Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo.