Occupational Health and Safety Management Series

Florence Nightingale Institute will offer the following Occupational Health and Safety Management courses starting January 2010.

Evacuation and Emergency Planning for Companies
November 26, 2009

This seminar is designed to assist companies in protecting workers from emergencies in the workplace. This seminar will briefly cover issues such as chemical spills, severe weather, fire, and workplace violence. This is an eight hour seminar with the first four hours dedicated to Emergency Action Plans and general site safety and the remaining four dedicated to Emergency Response Plans (ERP). Topics cover the following issues such as defining an Emergency, emergency Action Plans for your Companies, training and Drills, personnel Protective Equipment, ERPs, and Pre-planning for Emergencies

Accident Investigation
December 10, 2009

Participants will be introduced to the three-step approach to accident investigation. Emphasis is placed on interviewing, fact-finding, cause analysis, and report writing. This seminar covers securing the accident scene, information gathering, interview techniques, surface and root cause analysis, and report writing

Characteristics of an Effective Safety & Health Program
January 13, 2010

This program will provide an overview of the seven components of an effective safety and health management system and the attributes associated with each component. Exercises will allow participants to link workplace deficiencies with attributes in need of improvement. The seven components covered are hazard anticipation and detection; hazard prevention and control; planning and evaluation; administration and supervision, safety and health training, management leadership, and employee participation

Emergency Response and Disaster Preparedness
February 4, 2010

When an emergency strikes, what actions are taken to respond to the event, minimize the harm to personnel/people, minimize damage to property and the environment, and restore needed services as quickly as possible? Emergencies can be man-made or natural but what is the key to responding? Preparation! This one-day seminar is designed to guide participants through the process of preparing and implementing an Emergency Response Plan. Seminar topics include identification of potential emergency and disaster situations; methods to minimize harm to personnel, property and the work environment, development of a plan to fit your operation, and strategies used to implement an Emergency Response Plan

Job Safety Analysis
March 11, 2010

This introductory workshop guides participants through the job hazard analysis process, including a discussion of prioritizing hazards, breaking hazardous jobs into individual steps, and uncovering the unique hazards in each step. Topics to be covered include identifying which jobs need a job hazard analysis, prioritizing hazards using a decision-making matrix, performing a job hazard analysis, developing procedures to reduce or eliminate identified hazards.

Workplace Violence Prevention
April 13, 2010

Workplace violence is a serious topic that needs to be addressed in every workplace. This course is intended to show both operators and superintendents how to deal effectively with potentially volatile situations. This session will focus on the employee's role in helping to prevent violence in the workplace and ways to diffuse violent situations. Participants will be introduced to the stages of violent behavior: preventive measures; warning signs of workplace violence; security-conscious thinking; and measures required to take action. Program topics include identification of potential volatile situations, recognition of warning signs of violent or dangerous behavior, development of a list of potential perpetrators of violent behavior, identification of measures required to take action

All seminars and workshops are credited for contact hours leading to Certificate in Occupational/Environmental Health and Safety Management