Br. Lawrence Cortes Is In Town

This turns out to be a blue Christmas for a BND founder. He wished of visiting Christmas since he left the country in 2001 however, it was never a planned Christmas trip this year because his sister died unexpectedly. So his other siblings and old parents went home for the internment and took a last look at the only sister she had.

Br. Lawrence Cortes now works for the State of California's Department of Corrections is back in town. It was a hectic schedule for him in the last two weeks, attending to some funeral preparation enroute to the internment at Tupi Public Cemetery.

After days of respite, today happens to be a good time to meet up with him as he only has less than 24 hours to go. We were at the Robinson's Grab-a-Crab Resto.

He will fly back to the US on December 25th.

With Lanie Cortes, wife of Br. Lawrence
The following pictures depict the scenes that happened a week ago.

We were in the Sta. Teresita Parish Church at Tupi, South Cotabato for the final blessings of the dead (Br. Lawrence's sister who died of aneursym at 43)