Pre-Conference Dinner at Limketkai

Cagayan de Oro, November 11 - Leading luminaries of Philippine nursing research had a sumptuous dinner at Limketkai Center in this Golden City of Friendship.

In attendance were the following: Sr. Caroline Agravante, SPC, Ph.D (President and Dean, St. Paul University Iloilo), Dr. Cindy Leigh, RN, Ph.D (Senior Lecturer, Australian Catholic University), Dr. Irma Bustamante, RN, Ph.D (Dean, College of Nursing, St.Paul University Manila), Dr. Cora Anonuevo, RN, Ph.D (Professor, UP College of Nursing), Dr. Erlinda Palaganas, RN, Ph.D (Professor, UP Baguio), Dr. Carmelita Divinagracia, RN, Ph.D (National President, ADPCN), Dr. Heidi Palad, RN, Ph.D (CON Dean, Xavier University), Prof. Faustino Jerome Babate, RN, MBA (National President, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society Inc.), Prof. Neil Martin, RN, MBE, MAN (Asst. Dean, Liceo de Cagayan University), Prof. Chona Palomares, RN, MAN (CON Dean, Liceo de Cagayan University), Prof. Donna Neri, RN, MHSS (Coordinator, Liceo Center for Health Research).

Prof. Neil Martin, Ms.Donna Neri, Prof. Maela Babate and Dr. Heidi Palad for a Posterity Pose

Dr. Cindy Leigh and Dr. Irma Bustamante

Dr. Heidi Palad, Prof. Maela Babate, Dr. Carmelita Divinagracia and Sr. Caroline Agravante

PNRS Officials (Dr. Palaganas and Dr. Anonuevo) sharing notes

The PNRS Board Members and Ms. Donna Neri in a Huddle