Dr. Cindy Leigh at Liceo de Cagayan University

November 10, Cagayan de Oro - The Liceo de Cagayan University hosted an Australian academic for a lecture on research management to the faculty members and staff members of the university's publications and research office.

Dr. Cindy Leigh is a senior lecturer at the School of Nursing, Australian Catholic University in North Sydney campus. Concurrently, she chairs the school's internationalization program who tasks include developing linkages with higher educational institutions in various countries.

Dr. Leigh holds a doctorate in biotechnology in an Australian university as a Colombo Plan scholar. Prior to living and working in Australia, she taught at the University of Philippines Dilliman for several years.

In the lecture, she emphasized the importance of research in nursing--one that fully informs teaching or practice. Accordingly, many can teach without doing research themselves eventually driving them to unfulfilling ventures.

She further said that universities must engender a research culture based on informal mentoring among those who have knowledge or have experiences. Another is for university to organize or participate in research seminars either local or international. She was glad the Liceo de Cagayan is in the forefront of organizing the 2nd National Nursing Research Conference which will unfold two days from now. She also acknowledge the need to develop or apply for research funded projects and consequently, to conduct and disseminate these findings in conferences and publications.

She is optimistic to take an active part in building the research infrastructures in the country in the near future albeit she has started doing it already on modest scale.

Posterity pose with Profs. Maela Babate (Notre Dame of Dadiangas University) and Faustino Jerome Babate (Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society Inc.)

Courtesy call with Dr. Mariano Lerin, the University president

The University's welcoming evidence

Dr. Cindy Leigh giving her lecture to the faculty members and research staffmembers

Ms. Donna Neri, RN, MHSS who masterfully coordinates all the local activities of the 2nd National Nursing Nursing Conference

Arriving from Manila, Dr. Teresit Tumapon (in red) who is the university's vice president giving her insights

Dean Chona Palomares, RN, MAN giving the certificate of appreciation to Dr. Cindy Leigh

Dr. Genaro Japos, the university's research director gave the welcome remarks. Dr. Japos holds five doctorate degrees and is the national president of the Philippine Association of Institutions of Research (PAIR)