Postscripts from the 2nd National Nursing Research Confernce

November 12

The first day activity appeared to be "toxic" as the plenary session was filled to the brim and it lasted for a long while. Our location: Marco Hotel, Alwana Business Park, Cugman, in the Golden Friendship City of Cagayan de Oro.

The large tarpaulin printed material at the main entrance of the hotel

The president of Liceo de Cagayan University, Dr. Mariano Lerin was happy to note of his university's strong support to the conference and in general, the overwhelming peace and order situation in Cagayan de Oro and Region 10.

The conference dignitaries waiting for go-signal from the moderator

Presentation of the plaque of appreciation to Dr. Cindy Leight. Here Gov. Neil Martin read the citation of the awards

Sr. Caroline Agravantent and Dr. Carmencita Abaquin during the prayer ceremonies

Prof. Ruth Tingda, Dr. Caster Palaganas, Dr. Cora Anonuevo, Prof. FJ Babate and Dr. Irma Bustamante just before the ceremonial entrance

Dr. Cindy Leigh keynoted the conference

Dr. Cinday Leigh and Dr. Irma Bustamante of St. Paul University - Manila

Dr. Cindy Leigh, a senior lecturer at the Australian Catholic University keynoted the conference.
During a Roundtable Discussion of the Prospective Members of the Mindanao Nursing Research Group
With PNRS Board Members During a Breafast Meeting
Gov.Neil Martin and Donna Neri as leading partners in this conference
During the plenary, Mr. Juanito Demetrio representing her regional director of the Commission on Health Education, sgave a lenghty yet persuasive statement on the life of Florence Nightingale. Sr.Caroline Agravante presented her doctoral research on the CASAGRA Transformative Model and Dr. Divinagraci of UERMM on the ADPCN thrust on nursing research. Also, Prof. Grace Valderrama rendered a report on her research project at UP Philippine General Hospital.

There were three (3) skills building workshop that were held prior to the concurrent sessions. These workshops were handled separately by Dr. Cindy Leigh/FJ Babate on Protecting Human Subjects in Research; Dr. Irma Bustamante on phenominological research, and finally, the tandem of Dr. Erlinda Palaganas and Dr. Cora Anonuevo on qualitative data analysis.

Side by side was the poster exhibits at the conference lobby on Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo's project on nursing leadership and Dr. Rozzano Locsin's phenomenological study.

November 13

The following day was an interesting moment just before the conference proper starts. Two (2) meetings were held: the PNRS board members (Caster Palaganas, Irma Bustamante, Cora Anonuevo and FJ Babate), as well as the roundtable discussion among prospective members of the Mindanao Nursing Research Group.

The second plenary session was held with Dr. Teresita Sy-Sinda giving a rendition of the doctoral program on nursing as a contemporary example of nursing research. Dr. Genaro Japos citing the Liceo's Quality Assurance Activities to Achieve an International Journal for the university. Likewise, Dr. Bernardita Lleno presented a critical state of nursing research in Region 10. The prepared speech of Dr. Carmelita Abaquin was read by Dr. Erlinda Palaganas giving emphasis on the prospect of further improving the nursing research initiatives in the Philippines,

The business meeting of the Philippine Nursing Research Society was chaired by Dr. Erlinda Palaganas. She gave an overview of the Society's life including opportunities for membership and chapter development.

The keynote speech at the closing ceremonies was given by Prof. Eden Cacanindin of the Makati Medical Center's Nursing Service Division and the Makati Medical Center's College of Nursing. She provided succinct examples on the best practices of Makati Medical Center.

Prof. Maela Babate and her faculty friends from Liceo de Cagayan University

Dr. Aldrin Darilag, dean of the graduate program of St.Paul University-Manila with Prof. FJ Babate. At the back is the DDB poster

Two (2) representative faculty members from Xavier University with Prof. Maela Babate

PNA 10 Regional Governor, Prof. Neil Martin after viewing the poster

With some nursing leaders for a posterity pose
With some nursing leaders for a posterity pose

With the organizing members of the Mindanao Nursing Research Group
With the PNA General Santos City Chapter members
This 2nd conference edition was sponsored by PNA Misamis Oriental chapter, Liceo de Cagayan University, C&E Publications, and the Philippine Association of Institutions of Research, Inc.