Hopefuls No More

Simple. Substantial. Solemn. This is how the newly inducted members of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society described the Induction Ceremonies held on August 15,2009 at Dadiangas South Elementary School.

Simple. Only a few of the current BND memberes attended yet their number was never a hindrance to the very warm welcome they extended to each of the neophytes.
Candidates Taking Their Membership Oath

Group Photo Session

Substantial. The ceremonies gave some additional information to the prior knowledge of the new members and refreshed the memory of the current members. The vision-mission and past activities were reminisced through a short presentation facilitated by the president of the Nursing Society, Mr. FJ Babate.The founders were also introduced, personally to the members. Future activities were also given a bird's-eye-view.

The induction proper's solemnity was undeniable. Presided by the two founders who were present and assisted by Ma. Leda Emery Yumang. The curiosity of the inductees heightened as they were asked to leave the room for the necessary preparations. Various speculations among them formed, but still excitement dominated. When the induction proper was through, fellowship followed.

From the first word-of-invitation to the induction proper, one thing is undeniable---- mystery. There was always something to look forward to, something beyong our knowledge. From this, one will realize that things in life are hidden behind a deceptive curtain called uncertainty. Once you've had enough courage to reach out and set the curtain aside, you'll find that some things are worth taking the risk after all.

Needless to say, the newly inducted members have set aside that curtain. Now they can claim, 'we are hopefuls no more'!

-Ma. Valerie Joy Osuna