Co-Founder Jessie James Diez in Town

The co-founder of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society is in town for an important vacation. He is with his nurse wife and a six month old baby girl.

Freddie Siao, Francis Deposa, Jessie James Diez, FJ Babate, Joy Diez

Bro. Jessie James Diez who works as a theatre nurse at Leicester, United Kingdom hosted a family gathering of BND founders at his comfy home at Phase 1, Agan Subdivision, San Isidro, General Santos City.

Freddie Siao, RN

It was a memorable event considering that family members were present. With the oldest being the daughter (of Francis) and the youngest being the daughter (of Jessie James).
Jessie James Diez and Freddie Siao

We finally capped the night with videoke singing at least for the kids and the wives while the founders were having talks recalling the yonder years and the get-together on 2012 in time for the London Olympics.
Francis Deposa and son

Bro. Jess phoned in Bro. Julius who was in Belfast at that time driving his daughter to a grocery store.
The wives: Joy Diez, Eleanor Deposa, Maela Babate, Liza Siao
The combined forces of Siao, Deposa, Diez and Babate families