International Nurses Day, May 16

Hail our nursing heroes!

Traditionally, May 6-12 is National Nurses Week in many countries across the globe (however, not in the Philippines), but this week hardly seems long enough to honor all the extraordinary work nurses do to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities and the entire nation.

That’s because nurses contribute to building a healthy country in so many different ways: as clinicians, educators, researchers, executives, entrepreneurs, military personnel, policymakers, advocates and more. To truly give our country’s nursing heroes the national shout-out they deserve would require a 365-day least!

National Nurses Week is a time to celebrate the unprecedented diversity of our’s nursing profession in the 21st century.

Here in General Santos, we celebrate National Nurses Week only "for a day". While May 12 is the culmination day since its Florence Nightingale's birthday, we decide to have it on May 16th for the convenience of everyone.

On our third edition already, we do the routine activities like:

- Holding a special event to recognize active nurses in the region through the Silver Nightingales Awards as well as the Academic Achievement Awards (for those who obtain their graduate and post-graduate degrees).
- Creating an International Nurses Day display at the hospitals, nursing schools or in the community.
- Wearing a nursing t-shirt, button or other item that promotes nursing.
- Inviting local print and broadcast media to cover your organization’s International Nurses’ Day event.

We do hope that other chapters will celebrate the IND in the future.

The Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society Inc. is so proud of this IND initiative as our leadership has practically conceptualized this project in 2007. Of course, some DDB Fellows were so actively involved in this event for the last two years.