Dr. Leah Paquiz is 5th BND Honorary Member

General Santos City--May 25, 2009--Immediate past national president of the Philippine Nurses Association Leah Paquiz has been inducted as an honorary member of Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society.

Dr. Paquiz, who was elected in 2006, is one of the few nurses who has wide ranging experience in major areas of nursing (education, clinical practice, and community health). Prior to becoming a national president, Dr. Paquiz served as dean of the College of Nursing, Adamson University and STI Makati. She is a graduate of the Trinity University of Asia (for BSN and MAN) and has a doctorate of education from University of the Philippines in Diliman. She also has a master's degree in public health.

She is also one of the founding members of the NARS party list group.

Dr. Paquiz is the 5th honorary member of the Society after Dr. Rozzano Locsin, Darlene Borromeo and Dr. Rose Constantino, Prof. Leo Jurado.