Prof. Babate at NUS School of Nursing

For the second time, Prof. FJ Babate visited the School of Nursing, National University of Singapore. It was rather a very fortunate visit because he met a "kababayan" who is now in the school's faculty as a lecturer.

Jeanette Ignacio, RN, MD (yes, she is a physician from the Philippines) was so gracious to accept a visitor from the Philippines and was so kind enough to tell a few stories of the Filipino nurses in this island-state.

Dr. Jeanette has a very good reputation as a nursing lecturer because of her deep understanding of clinical practice. She works as an anesthesiologist in the Philippines before finally settling in Singapore with her two children and an engineer husband.

Both Jeanette and Prof. Babate have discussed possible research collaboration in the near future.

She is, of course, contemplating of pursuing her Ph.D in either Netherlands or Australia.