Forensic Nursing Course -- Online Delivery

A relatively new specialty field in nursing will soon be available in the country. This project is made possible by the Florence Nightingale Institute

The launching date will be on the last week of November 2008 and formal class which will be delivered online will be on the first week of December 2008.

No less than Dr. Rose Eva Bana Constantino, RN, MAN, Ph.D, J.D, FAAN will be the main facilitator/mentor of this program. Dr. Constantino is an honorary member of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society and is currently in the faculty of school of Nursing at the University of Pittsburgh.

The forensic nursing program will be spread in 5 months over 4-5 modules. Participants will have the chance to earn a Forensic Nursing Professional (FNP) title after passing an exam.

Scholarships are offered to deserving applicants. Please send your CV and application form to