BND Alumni Council Formed

Why should an alumnus want to participate in a local alumni association? An individual’s desire to be a friend, to be of service, and to be a leader seldom stops with the completion of one’s days at an “institution of higher learning.” A local alumni association provides an opportunity for alumni to promote the principles and extend the program and fellowship of Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society throughout their lifetime.

The reasons an individual participates in a local alumni association often include the same reasons for joining a chapter of Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society. The opportunity to mentor a chapter or chapters is one additional service opportunity available to a member of a local alumni association that is not accessible to an active of a chapter. This can be done by providing counsel, based on experience or special skill knowledge, by furnishing specific resources, and by financial support.

July 7 saw the creation of an important structure of the Society--the BND Alumni Council. The purpose of its creation
  1. To assemble in a national association those alumni members who believe that the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society's principles of Excellence, Caring and Knowledge continue beyond college community life;
  2. To support the Society in its program of service to colleges, and communities;
  3. To promote a continued interest in the Society’s ideals and programs;
  4. To locate and maintain contact with the alumni members, and
  5. To maintain a registry of alumni members who are committed to serving their Society, their college, and their communities.

    Selected to lead this council are the following individuals:

    Mairil Paje - President
    Efren Catimbang - Vice President
    Jovelyn Alaba - Secretary
    Karen Nacis - Treasurer
    Cynthia Balayon - Information Officer
    Moniene Tabaco - Auditor

    The first dinner meeting was held at Spazio and discussion was focused on future engagement of the alumni in a number of Society projects such as the Darlene Dilangalen Borromeo Student Nursing Leadership Awards and the DDB Cup.