Giving to the BND Society: Partners and Membership Giving Opportunities

Make a Difference for Generations to come

There are a myriad of ways you can partner the Society in promoting the nursing profession. Be assured that your gift can be tailored to match your well-wishes and intentions. Your beneficiaries will reap the benefits of a nursing profession, powerfully impact the lives of those around them and contribute to society too. They, in turn, will touch the lives of others beyond their lifetimes.and beyond yours too. Come contribute to our scholarship/fellowship efforts and leave a legacy to be appreciated for generations to come.

Calling for BND Award and Scholarship Beneficiaries

"What a difference a day makes." so goes a sixties classic. You, the beneficiaries of the generous donations of your awards and scholarships, can attest to the difference the gifts have made in your lives. Without the compassion and generosity of the donors, your nursing degree would have remained a dream. Now, here's an opportunity for you to reach out and lend a hand. Help others, who struggled financially like you did, to realise their dreams too.

Calling for BND Members and Alumni

Armed with a BND membership and a nursing degree, you are the shakers and movers of the future. But what is success without significance? Wealth, status and power may elevate you in the material world. But choose also to be highly regarded and respected by those whose lives will be forever changed because of your giving. Come share the fruits of your success by contributing generously to our Scholarship/fellowships efforts. Be a transformer of lives as you, the BND Society, set about blazing trails in the world.

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FJ Babate, the National President